A dog who knows how to pet melts many netizens hearts down

A dog who likes to pet

Ruby loves spending her time with other dogs in doggy day care. She shows her love for her other batch mate by doing something unexpected.

As soon as her owners notice this adorable behavior, they cannot let themselves down from not sharing this on Tik-Tok.

She got around 7.4 millions view on twitter itself. Sources confirmed this video is from Burlington city of Vermont.

As soon as she got all the credit for petting other dogs a cat named Lucy jumped in the conversation showing her affections for dogs as well.

Not only does dogs loves to pet other dogs, this dog Taco surely loves here feline friend and sure wants to pet her as well.

As this behavior in dogs adorable, they are quite unique as well as they don’t suppose to show affection in such a way. Some experts elaborates that dogs have learned this technique from their human leaders.

Dogs have proved their adaptability from time to time and they seems to be always eager to learn new tricks.

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