CID to recognize the potential of sniffer dogs in dog squad.

CID to recognize potential in dogs training, will be conducting regular reports

Not so far ago, 2 sniffer dogs have caught drugs handler at Jammu & Kashmir. Now CID seems to have acknowledged the meaning of treat after good behavior. That is why they have been planning to conduct a complete report of their dog unit and their handler to recognize their contribution to the force and promote them accordingly.

Sniffer dog has been providing a very good job when it comes to sniffing out suspected materials. Their contribution has been irreplaceable since the beginning of the organization.

“The performance of the dogs and their handlers were never recorded. There was no review system for the dog units. CID chief additional director general of police Atulchandra Kulkarni told Times of India.

In Maharashtra state, police have around 350 sniffer dogs and 45 police units. Department has been running dog training center in Pune city. There will be a monthly report on dogs’ training there. It will include complete information about their behavior, achievements & their work.

In a recent interview with TOI, Kulkarni said that this review will help the department to understand & improve their training as well as it will also help the policemen for the betterment of dog health. As the state has been spending much on the procurement of dogs & their training. Department will be also understanding training from whole over the country & and from other countries as well for the betterment of this training he added. This will surely earn our furry friend a badge on someday day.

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