Coronavirus mask for dogs? Many Chinese aims to protect their dog

Dog Mask to protect from coronavirus

Chinese natives seem to be very much precautious, in these desperate times. As a result, the owners are rushing for the dog masks to save their furry friends. However, according to WHO, none of these infections has been seen in animals, until now.

One of the local retailers and e-commerce vendor Zhou Tianxiao said that since the announcement of the epidemic by the local government, the sale for the dog masks (which was initially used to prevent dogs from pollution) were sky-rocketed.

He added that, although made for a different reason, these masks are helpful in coronavirus case as it prevents the dog from licking infected surface or person. By this means, the mask is very much effective.

The mask is not as professional as a human mask, but it seems to be working well, he added.

This theory of infection in dogs were also uplifted after Li Lanjuan’s (member of high-level expert team in China’s National Health Commission) message in which he advised pet owner to take precautions for their pet as this virus seems to be spreading from mammals to mammals.

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