Girls! This Bearded dog will surely give your boyfriend a complex

A dog with beard

Nuts is a Belgian Brussels Griffon who has captured the eyes of many on the internet, thanks to his long and thick beard. Seems just like a human’s beard, this dog could surely give some boys the hard time.

In our society, the beard has always been seen as a symbol of masculinity. Boys who don’t get that thick beard often shave. However, every boy, in some ways or another do admire the trait of having long and thick facial hair.

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Tatiana Kovalenok, his owner exclaimed that she never noticed his beard until he was 8 months old. However, she acknowledged the fact that Nuts’ beard has been growing larger than usual making him look old.

Tatiana Kovalenok explained in her interview with The Dodo, “I never actually paid attention to his beard until I started receiving comments from my followers on Instagram.”

People often make comments whenever Nuts goes out for a walk. “Kids usually say that he’s a ‘funny dog’ or ‘looks like a grandpa.’ Older people always mention him as a stylish dog, saying something like, ‘Look at the [mustache] and beard he has!’”, she said. Some compare him with Chewbacca, a star war character.

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However, despite such attentions, Nuts never disappoints his fans and sniff & greet everyone. He loves to meet new people instead of being an introvert macho man! Many people think that he might be dangerous but the fact is completely different.

Beard surely makes him look older than his 2 years of age. Kovalenok said, “When I lay on my bed, he jumps up, lays on his back beside me and puts his head on a pillow — just like a real human.”

Other than his human traits, Nuts loves to play in the water. Most dogs hate bathing and even bites the owner for forcing them to bathe, but in this case, Nuts is kind of a dog who would not mind dipping his beard in water twice a day.

Nuts is famous enough to have his own Instagram id with the name of @petite.griffon.nuts. “We used to trim his beard short before, as I thought that it was too long and made him look older than he actually was,” Kovalenok said. “Now we just trim him a couple of times a year and let the beard be. There’s no special treatment for his beard — it just grows as it is.”

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