Breed use to chase Baghdadi, is in Kolkata police’s wishlist

Kolkatta police to take interest in Belgian Malinois

After CID, Kolkatta police acknowledge the potential need of a guard dog in their squad. Belgian Malinois is a dog breed that has been trusted by the US Seal team for the tracking and chasing off some of the most dangerous targets in their risky operations. This breed is well known for being an attack dog in Osama Bin Laden’s operation by SEAL Team as well.

One of the features that stand this breed out of labrador and German Shepherd is its stamina. They are well known to outperform most of the breed when it comes to being energetic.

This breed, developed in Belgium was once used as a shepherd dog for protecting livestock. Nowadays they have been imported from countries like Switzerland and France as well. One of the veterinarians, Dr. Debby Turner Bell says, “I believe that there is nothing that this dog can’t do! I called it a Super dog.” Seems just like the famous German shepherd, this breed has notably black muzzle.

These dogs are intelligent and highly trainable as an exceptional watch and attack dog. Those black muzzles of their provide them with powerful sniffing ability to find out explosives in the Naxals area, saving many soldiers. In addition to this, they have also been successful in sniffing out the narcotics & search and rescue missions.

The ability to withstand the harsh condition also makes these dogs an ideal to be functional in various terrain. “Malinois is a very sturdy dog and does not get tired too easily. They can travel long distances under challenging conditions and are a rugged and intelligent breed of dog. They can be used in Indian conditions whereas labradors and German shepherds get exhausted within minutes,” said an officer.

One of the sources said that a maximum of 12 dogs is planned to acquire now, followed by a total number of 60. One dog has trained outside the state has already been included in one of their team. A small kennel is supposed to be set up near Nabanna.

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