How a Beer can make the reunion possible for a dog and her owner

Dog finally reunited with her owner, thanks to beer can

A heart-warming reunion of a dog with her owner that made the whole internet Awe! This is a story of Hazel who waited a long time to finally find her family.

It has been 3 years since Mathis, a dog owner from Iowa, US, lost her dog named Hazel. As a pup, Hazel was very adventurous & an escape artist. One day, Hazel succeeded to escape from her owner just to carry on her adventures eventually getting lost. Initially, Mathis tried to locate her adventurer but it only resulted in failed attempts.

Since then, Mathis lost all the hope of getting her furry friend back and moved to Minnesota along with her kids. Then one day, while browsing through her social media she found a familiar face. It was Hazel’s smiling face on a beer can by Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton, Florida. “I was looking at the dogs and I was like oh my gosh, that’s Hazel!” – Mathis said

Image from Facebook @Manatee County Animal Services

Motorworks Brewing came up with an innovative marketing campaign for featuring shelter dogs for adoption on their beer can. For that, Manatee County Animal Services, a facility in Florida, has chosen 4 elder dogs in their facility ready to be adopted. Hazel, age 7, was one of them.

Image from Facebook@Manatee County Animal Services

“I have no idea how she reached Florida” Mathis added. After knowing the whereabouts of her furry old friend, she contacted the animal service organization to claim her ownership. She also provided various photos of young Day Day a.k.a. Hazel, until the organization accepted her claim.

The organization claimed that they found Hazel as a stray dog, in Florida, with the outdated contact details of her owner. For a longer time, she has been kept within the shelter for adoption but didn’t found any new family, along with four other dogs. This campaign was plotted to enhance their chances for adoption. Thankfully, it did work and Hazel is now on her way back to her new home in Minnesota to celebrate her 7th birthday.

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