Himalaya Dog Food Honest Review

There is a buzz in the market about the new dog food product from Himalaya drug company.

Himalaya has been a well known brand for their herbal product. So when it comes to pet foods, they have done their magic of including various herbs into it. 

However, this alone doesn’t counter the by-products and corn filler they have been using in this product.

Thus in Himalaya Pet/Dog Food Review, we have given this product only 2 stars.

Himalaya Pet Food
Product Rating

Brand History

To review any product, it is very crucial to understand their brand. It not only guarantees the product’s quality, but also promotes the brand’s motives.

We all know that Himalaya (since 1930) has been promoting herbal ingredients. This makes them a well-known & trusted brand in India. 

Today, Himalaya is an international group, bringing herbs and science together to make products that could compete in the global market. So their standard of quality will be globally accepted.

Himalaya Pet Food

Product Content

The product undoubtedly contains rice & meat (for adults) and rice & chicken (for puppy). There are two variants for adult and puppy life stages of dogs.

3 key ingredients added into this product are Popala (Aerva Lanata) for proper kidney function, Guduchi (Giloy) which promotes immunity & Tree of heaven (Ailanthus Excelsa) for promoting metabolism. While these ingredients were proven to be beneficial for humans, it has never been included in dog foods before.

Other ingredients include carrot powder & maize gluten which is a product from corn

Now, corn is one of the fillers that has commonly been used in kibbles to bind each pebble. Many dog food advisors & veterinarians advise to not include corn into dog foods. It could easily lead to obesity in dogs having no or very less activity.

It also contains calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, choline chloride, Vitamins, Potassium Chloride, Permitted Antioxidants, Minerals, Zinc Sulphate and permitted preservatives.

The omega 3 & 6 which is necessary for dog’s healthy coats is also included in this product. 

Macro nutrients is defined as being 24% crude protein, 10% crude fiber & 5% fiber.

Product also claims to be suitable for all types of dog breeds, but the quantity of meal should be discussed with a veterinarian.

Our Review

Himalaya Pet Food has its own strong points like having herbal ingredients that are proven to be good for immunity and health. 

However, product also contains fillers like meat by-products, corn, etc. which is a cheap quality ingredients. These won’t provide much usable nutrients to your dog.

It also supports healthy coats due to having fish oil in it and fulfills the energy requirement a dog needs from his daily meal. 

However, if your dog is a sporty breed like retrievers or guard dogs, and need a good amount of exercise by running in parks, then you should probably option for more protein products like Orijen or Acana.

It also contains gluten, so daily walks for 30 minutes will be beneficial or your dog will gain fat.