Royal Canin Dog Food Honest Review

Royal Canin Dog Food Honest Review

Royal Canin Dog Food Review (Every Variant)

Being a dog owner you must have heard about Royal Canin Dog Food.

If you haven’t you must be a new dog owner.

Let me tell you one thing.

No matter if your case is one way or the later; one dog food which will be always recommended to you will be Royal Canin.

This food is still loved by many dog trainers, enthusiasts as the best option for their dogs.

But the truth is that it is affordable and comparatively better in quality than the other dog food available.

Not the best but OK!

Royal Canin is a better product for the dog owners looking for products with average quality and wouldn’t burn a huge hole into their pockets.

Simply and honestly, this makes Royal Canin the best option for many dog owners, but it isn’t the best quality dog food in India.

So let’s begin Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal Canin Maxi Adult
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Ingredient Analysis:

First 5 Ingredients

We have researched about every (variant) of royal canin dog food ingredients. Regardless the variant, excluding veterinary products, you could find the same ingredients in different quantity.

The primary ingredient of this dog food is rice. Rice is a good source of carbohydrates but is unnecessary for the dog’s body.

Including it in the meal will surely make your dog fat, and if you think this is cute then you must know that there are several risks with it.

Obesity  shortens your pup life by 2 years as they are prone to diseases like cancer, heart disease, urinary, faster joint health degradation, etc.

To avoid this, make sure that you don’t overfeed your dog such dog food.

And, exercise is a must!

The second ingredient is Dehydrated Poultry Protein, which is the best source of protein. Now, we have already mentioned in our other Honest Reviews about why we like this ingredient so much.

Let me quickly explain it to you.

An egg has a biological value of 94. This means that dog’s body can easily utilize up to 94% of the available protein in the egg. And that applies to humans as well.

This the reason why it is called “Incredible Egg”

The third ingredient in the Royal Canin is Animal Fat. It is the major source of energy for your dog.

Now you must be wondering, will it raise the risk of obesity?

The short answer is No!

Because fats are responsible for supporting good cellular development. It is very useful for blood clotting, inflammation & muscle movement. And, it is good in a limit, so Royal Canin has a healthy amount of it.

The fourth ingredient is Vegetable Protein Isolate, a protein extracted from plants.

Although they are protein, which will surely raise the stats of “crude protein”, they have low biological value.

Vegetable protein is mostly extracted from soy flour. It won’t provide your dog with much digestible protein, but will help in the prevention of various cancerous diseases.

In fact, it has been noted that soy protein has the potential to fight estrogen-related cancer like breast, colon & prostate cancer [source]

The fifth ingredient is the Hydrolysed Animal Protein. Now, being a by-product, it is actually a very useful product in the dog food industry.

Hydrolyzed proteins are created by boiling the animal bones, flesh, etc with water, reducing them to the stew and then to powder.

The resultant thus is highly rich in protein, provides essential amino acids, and is useful to dogs with protein allergies.

Plus, hydrolyzed proteins is much liked by dogs when it comes to taste. So your picky eater will love this product! [source]

Maize, which is the cereal form of corn, makes the sixth most found ingredient in Royal Canin.

Corn is just used to bind the pellets and have no nutritional value. In fact, some dogs might get allergies from it.

It is also as well-known filler in dog food. Being high in glycemic index, it could also prove to be a reason for obesity and should be avoided by the elderly dog suffering from diabetes. [source]

Rest of the Ingredients

The next ingredient is Beet Pulp. It is made by extracting all the sugary content of the beet. The remaining sugarless extract is rich in fiber.

This fiber helps your doggy with healthy bowel movement (potty). It also helps to make your dog feel less hungry. [source]

The eighth ingredient in the Royal Canin is Soya Oil. It contains both omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids which are required for a healthy coat.[source]

Plus, you would also find the fish oil needed which adds more fatty acid along with soy oil.

Another great content is vegetable fiber. As the name suggests you will get an additional amount of dietary fiber into your dog’s meal.

Additionally, a fatty acid salt is used in this dog food to provide the Omega-3 & 6. Unlike fish oil, this is a chemically produced substance. Nothing to fear about this ingredient.

Fructo-oligosaccharides are also used in this product to provide good bowel moments.

Well, this ingredient is a Probiotic. It doesn’t get digested by the dog’s body until it reaches the colon part. There, it is digested by the good bacteria which in turn facilitate good bowel moments.

So this ingredient is very useful to counter issues like constipation, weight loss, high cholesterol level & osteoporosis.[source]

Psyllium husks and seeds are a form of fiber that helps in soaking the excess water in the digestive tract, resulting in the firm stool.

It is a very good addition to the overall fiber content of this dog food.[source]

The hydrolyzed yeast is formed by gently processing yeast, separating its wall from the extract. This ingredient adds umami flavor in the dog food, which in turn, raise the palatability or taste.


After Royal canin dog food’s review, we can come to a conclusion that this product is an average quality dog food you could find in the market right now.

Most of the dog owner finds it budget-friendly, so it could be a good option for your dog.

Drools Focus Super Premium Dog Food is a direct competition to this product as it contains 40% real chicken. However, some studies show that hydrolyzed animal protein contains more nutrition than real chicken.

Royal Canin also offers various breed tailored dog food that is suitable for your dog’s breed.

If your dog is suffering from a certain health condition, you could also find their veterinary products.

However, we recommend you to take your vet’s advice first before switching to this product.

Note: This review is written exclusively for the Indian market with the Indian context in mind. It may not apply to other countries.

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